Duties and Functions

  1. The objective for setting up of the State Planning Board is to advise the Government on matters relating to Planning and Development.
  2. Mission/Vision statement of the Public Authority. – To assist the Government in making realistic appraisal from time to time so as to ensure steady execution and purposeful utilization of the available resources of the state.
  3. The State Planning Board is governed by Government Rules Regulations and Instructions under the administrative control and direction of the Government in the Planning Department.
  4. To prepare an inventory of available and potential resources of the State, Capital and human and investigate the possibilities of augmenting and improving such resources.
  5. To prepare a Perspective Plan of the State for the next 15 to 20 years for the optimum and balanced utilisation of the state’s resources and indicate Plan priorities.
  6. To advise the government regarding the formulation of Annual Plans and Five Year Plans.
  7. To review the progress in the implementation of the schemes and to ascertain the factors which have been tending to retard economic development of the State and to determine the conditions to be created for successful execution of the Plans.
  8. To take up such other studies and function as may be assigned to it from time to time and to make suitable recommendations to the State Government as may appear to be appropriate either for facilitating discharge of the duties assigned to it or on consideration of the prevailing economic conditions.
  9. The Board may also make recommendations with a view to ensuring co-ordination in the matter of planning in the state.