The State Planning Board is a very important body and is an integral part of the government. The future development of the state depends on the role of the State Planning Board.

The State Planning Board needs facts, status whether economic or state of affairs of the various programmes so as to be able to focus as to which areas that priority is to be attached while in the process of formulation of plans for the state. Therefore, to develop the state as a whole, we need to have the facts of human resources available right form the grassroots that is, villages, etc. so as to be able to exploit the same.

The State Planning Board should be strengthened and more autonomy should be given to it.

The composition of the State Planning Board should include economists, financial experts, technocrats. It is like a mini Planning Commission. The Planning Commission has many advisers and it is very effective. There is a need to review and whether powers could be vested. As at present, the State Planning Board is the highest advisory body in the state without any power.

The State Planning Board should also be made an effective body so as to look into the flaws of revenue to the State.